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Brady's Quality Assurance Program will provide that the linens are processed in accordance with industry standards. The program will be designed to identify stained and torn items and to arrange for their removal for appropriate handling. Since the definition of quality is subjective, the Parties will establish practical standards for the stain removal and downgrading of items. This program will consist of but not be limited to:

  • Periodic laboratory test-piece analysis to determine tensile strength loss.
  • Whiteness retention of linens to insure maximum life.
  • The establishment and testing of wash formulas with regular monitoring to assure wash solutions have the correct pH to preserve linen life and user's comfort.
  • The treatment of stained items with special formulas for stain removal, to facilitate return of the linens to useful life.
  • Routine determinations that water hardness levels are not interfering with the proper functioning of chemicals in the wash formulas.
  • Procedures for correcting those areas found to be deficient.
  • Periodically, a Brady specialist will visit the Laundry and user areas to verify that the Quality Assurance Program is working effectively.