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Brady Linen is positioned to support our LVS' green initiatives. Brady's laundry facilities are built with the environment in mind and our processes incorporate:

  • Water use reduction from 2.5 gallons of water per pound of linen processed in a traditional laundry facility to 0.7 gallons of water used per pound – a 72% reduction!
  • Use of laundry chemicals that carry the EPA's DfE (Designed for the Environment) Certification.
  • Use of oxygenated versus chlorine based bleach products.
  • Use of non-perchloroethylene dry cleaning solvents.
  • Reclamation of discarded linens for use as rags and other linen items.
  • Low emission technology in boiler and dryer gas burners.
  • Heat exchange technology to capture heat from discharge water then used to heat incoming fresh water, reducing natural gas use.
  • Paperless delivery and billing options.

Brady Linen is committed to embracing additional environmentally responsible opportunities as they become available and feasible.

Brady's direct contribution has resulted in the following reductions since 2012:


623,433,000 Cubic meters (2012)


6,763 Imperial tons (2012)

Carbon Emissions

17,432 Metrics tonnes C02-e (2012)


949,406 Giga-joules (2012)

Carbon Emissions

direct (exhaust)

99.540 Mt CO2-e

Indirect (electricity)

17,332.350 Mt CO2-e